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Got an infestation of zombies in your video? Diseased mutants? Someone you just don't like?
Ugly Box has you covered. Based on the award-winning Beauty Box skin retouching technology for video and photos, this plugin takes Beauty Box and flips it upside down. Allowing you to make your talent look ugly! Diseased! Hideous!

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About being ugly

Beauty Box has been out for almost three years and does an amazing job of reducing blemishes and wrinkles. But we often get asked how to make people look worse, instead of better. Well, Ugly Box does just that. Using our algorithm for selecting skin areas, instead of smoothing the skin texture, we enhance it to bring out all the variations, wrinkles and blemishes.

It's perfect if you're trying to make someone look older, evil, or just kind of ugly.

How Ugly Box works

Ugly Box is easy to use. Just click the Make Ugly button and Ugly Box analyzes the image, using face detection to figure out the skin tones. This makes the skin in your image look ugly, while leaving the rest of the image intact.

You can also adjust the skin color by using our Color of Ugly controls.


Watch the training video

To see how Ugly Box works, check out our training video. In only a few minutes, we will show you how the Ugly Box controls work.

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Try a free demo of Beauty Box, to make your talent look, well, the opposite of Ugly Box.